Sunday, September 28, 2008

The UnMarveled Chronicles... Characters from real life...

Here, we introduce to you the characters of UnMarveled Chronicles... as previously mentioned, these are characters that have been created after people we have encountered in our lives... I know that this probably will not make sense to you... that is, unless you really, really, REALLY truly know my boyfriend and I... hahahaha... but it's all good.. if you keep up with the pace, it will slightly begin to make some sort of sense, but not really... anyways... enjoy getting to know the characters... mind you, this list will always and forever keep on growing as we go along the course of life and meet new people, that is unless of course, my boyfriend and I decide that we finally want to become hermits and live in the misty jungles of who knows where... um, ya... not likely!
The superhero of UnMarveled Chronicles
Born: December 18, Sagittarius
From: the Planet Chrono
Ability: Mind speaker (gets into your head and trips you out.)
Mode of transport: the SuperBus
Arch-Nemesis: Kervin the Worst
Likes: Beings that can challenge him
Dislikes: Treehouse
Son of SuperToki
Born: April 26, Taurus
From: the Planet Chrono
Ability: the Tuh-Tuh (a repetitive chant that disorients enemies)
Mode of Transport: the SuperBus (and btw, he is the one that drives it)
Arch-Nemesis: Meh-meh time
Likes: Milk and broccoli
Dislikes: Meh-meh time
The Magical Pot that throws fits
SuperToki's sidekick
Ability: Boils over and attacks enemies when insulted
Kabuki Mookie
Ruler of the Kloopy Troops
Born: April 10, Aries
From: goo-Fee Oasis
Ability: Salad Shockwave (an explosion of vegetarian salad with chicken which stuns and knocks out enemies)
Mode of transport: Gargantuan Firefly that flies at Mach 5 speed...She sends out the Kloopy Troops if SuperToki needs back-up
Likes: Meat and peanut butter sandwiches
Dislikes: Rap
Annikin Elf
Princess of the Yotski Sprites
Born: June 11, Gemini
From: Bluen Cupcasia
Ability: Umya-no Power Slap (confuses enemies so that her Yotski Sprites can defeat them)Mode of transport: Ning-ra (just don't ask... it's what it is)
Likes: Good coffee from Spritebucks
Dislikes: Wannabes
Funamee Veiner
The High Pimp (The High Pimp), ruler of the BeeBoogles
Born: June 23, Cancer
From: Lestosia
Ability: UpRocket Slice (feet maneuvers that cut the enemies in 2.63 seconds) and the Downward Spiral Smash (no need to explain, I think you can imagine it)
Mode of transport: PegaSonya (half hot blonde, half Pegasus)
Likes: Riding PegaSonya
Dislikes: PegaSonya riding him
Kervin the Worst
Tribal leader of his go-go bandits, the Booty Misfits
Born: September 9, Virgo
From: the Island of Moder Preganat
Ability: Pisisobshet Throw (use of improper terms to throw off the enemies)
Arch-Nemesis: SuperToki N Prenz
Mode of transport: Winged shoes
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Everything
Chap Che Bebot
Head Advisor to Funamee Veiner
Born: not yet known
From: Lestosia
Ability: Kimpia Whirlwind Kick (super fast deep fried fighting goodness)
Mode of Transport: Bojingler (invisible bullet train)
Likes: Dancing
Dislikes: not yet known
Balmudo von Stonish
Chief Commander of the BeeBoogles
Born: not yet known
From: Lestosia
Ability: Ha-ya Ya-ha Power Toss (a reverse dive attack)
Mode of Transport: Camousine (a camouflaged limousine)
Likes: Training the BeeBoogles
Dislikes: rainy days
Pepe Frijole
Henchman of Gugolbravia (Doppleganger of Balmudo von Stonish)
Born: unknown
From: Gugolbravia
Ability: unknown
Mode of Transport: Veegendoofmayer (please don't ask... I can't even say it right!!!)
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: The Kingdom of Lestosia
Arruga Savruga
Queen of the La Vochays
Born: not yet known
From: The Cashmapolitan Sea
Ability: Windslas Flame (burns the enemies with a really hot underwater fire)
Mode of Transport: MERK (it's an underwater SUV of sorts)
Likes: hanging out with the girls
Dislikes: Pork
Bobo MacGlugCorn
Born: I can't remember, I have to ask again
From: Smoke-apopolis
Ability: Blitzer (smoke-blowing explosion)
Mode of Transport: Charioke (smoking chariot)
Likes: pOp-O-Lis (his very own brand of pasties cola)
Dislikes: hmmm.. never really thought to ask
The Kloopy Troops
Led by Kabuki Mookie, the Kloopy Troops are ultimately trained in battle. They are the protectors of the Sasparakastude Universe and are immediately on site whenever there is trouble, however, they do not start fighting unless SuperToki yells at them.
The Yotski Sprites
Fairy-like creatures that resemble elves... according to their Princess Annikin Elf's orders, they are the keepers of the Fountain of the Blue Cupcakes... it is said that anyone who can get to the Fountain and eat a Blue Cupcake will attain precious knowledge of the Secrets of Sasparakastude. If you give the Yotski Sprites papaya salad, they turn into angry trolls that will destroy anything in their paths.
The BeeBoogles
Under the direction of Funamee Veiner, the High Pimp (the High Pimp) of Lestosia, the BeeBoogles joined forces with the Kloopy Troops when Kervin the Worst invaded Lestosia years ago... known for the infamous Martial Arts called Break Fu Yung, the BeeBoogles can headspin-kick with uprocket precision that can wipe out invaders in a breakbeat.
The Booty Misfits
Oversized go-go bandits, Kervin the Worst trained these bandits to the core. Using the terrifying Thunder Booty Plunge attack, they can level a city to the ground in microseconds. Kervin and the Booty Misfits have not gone undefeated, however they bounce back to their villainous schemes immediately, trying to take over the Universe. The Booty Misfits have one weakness though... Large Choco Bones, which can only be found in the Windslas, the Golden Pearl of the Volcano.

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